Guardian American Construction Services

We Completely Oversee Each Project With a “Hands-on Approach,” Above and Beyond the Traditional Contractor Obligations.

We provide complete construction administration and management, including on-site operations, enabling us to maintain direct control of subcontractors, civil engineers, surveyors, etc. By diligently monitoring their associated costs and performance, we significantly reduce, and sometimes even obviate the typical professional fees for construction administration, as well as third party fees applied to the bidding process.

Guardian American Construction Services

Guardian American offers services not associated with typical “for hire” building contractors, including:

Managing the plan review process, with complete sensitivity to design costs and schedules, avoiding time that can be consumed by engineers and architects who are not directly attached to the project.
Assisting in defining what to build by balancing market demand and building design costs to achieve an optimum baseline product mix.
Developing and maintaining the entire project and continually re-assess work/sales in progress against project financial goals.
Servicing customers on a more personal level to provide a greater advantage for capturing sales and managing customer expectations throughout the process.
Covering every aspect of the business cycle, from funding and land acquisition, investor relations, land development, vertical construction management, marketing and sales, and ongoing product support.
The success of any project goes far beyond the physical construction. By integrating the many available Guardian American management services into one project, corresponding efficiencies will translate into greater profitability.

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