Project Entitlement…

Dealing With the Appropriate Government entities, professional designers, contractors, and private stakeholders during the entitlement process is not a straight forward business.

One of the greatest inefficiencies of the land development business stems from the fact that these professional disciplines typically consist of many independent firms that are juggling dozens of projects and clients on many levels. A great deal of money can be lost by depending on these professionals to respond in a timely manner. Our day to day management efforts include the tracking of these professionals to keep them on track. A secondary benefit of this tightly controlled oversight is that many times there are provisions in their contract to perform tasks using a “time and material” billing method. Left alone, this almost always gets out of hand and leads to non-productive time spent settling disputes as opposed to getting the job done.
A multi-disciplined management team is critical to avoiding costly mistakes often made during this process. Properly adjusting development design to accommodate entitlement requirements reaps the greatest economic rewards over the life of the project. Carefully balancing scheduling issues, design to cost efforts, coordination of professionals, and knowing when it is appropriate to apply political leverage are just a few of the value added decisions our management team provides.