Through the Strategic Developer Program, in which Guardian American is an approved participant, the National Community Stabilization Trust selectively establishes working relationships with a small number of highly qualified, experienced private property developers. These developers work in coordination with one or more local non-profit housing organizations in areas of high foreclosure risk to increase the number of foreclosed properties that are purchased, fully renovated, and resold as home ownership opportunities to low- to moderate-income families. These responsible and reputable strategic developer partners have been fully vetted and deemed eligible by the Stabilization Trust based on their proven track record, demonstrated capacity, and available capital to measurably increase the scale of local neighborhood stabilization efforts in targeted neighborhoods.

Guardian American is partnered with the South Florida Community Land Trust, and the Housing Leadership Council of Palm Beach County to stabilize neighborhoods in many communities throughout the state of Florida. The neighborhoods in which Guardian American is eligible to acquire properties through National Community Stabilization Trust are selected in coordination with their non-profit partners and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.