Land & Community Development…

Direct and integrated management of each and every process that goes into building, especially in a planned development community, is absolutely critical to upholding the economic success of that community. A fundamental part of this success is maintaining the market perception of the community as it is built out over time.

Effective Management Taps Latent Profitability….

A thoroughly thought out design build approach early in the process saves money. Coordinating the efforts of attorneys, surveyors, architects, landscape architects, engineers, and specialty contractors can only be accomplished effectively by an overarching project management team that has the authority to control all aspects of the project. One of the greatest inefficiencies of this business stems from the fact that these professional disciplines typically consist of many independent firms that are juggling dozens of projects and clients on many levels. We find that a great deal of money can be lost by depending on these professionals to respond in a timely, cost conscious manner. Much of our day to day management efforts is closely managing these professionals to keep them on track.

As a project is built out, clearly defined worker responsibilities and policies hold our on-site managers and inspectors accountable for their actions, delivering results on time and within budget. The land development process can be challenging, as unforeseen obstacles are usually associated with underground infrastructure buildout. Much of our day to day management efforts are spent closely managing professionals to keep them on track.